Sunday, March 28, 2010

British Cops Show American Cops How It’s Done---Again!



In England---

OK, the cops screwed up. But they admitted it! And right away too! Then, in a truly shocking move, they repaired the damage they had done. I really enjoyed this story.

British police got a tip on the whereabouts of a drug dealer. They surrounded the home and smashed through the door in true “dynamic entry” fashion. They screamed, they pointed weapons, they captured, they cuffed, they questioned, etc. Problem was, the guy they were looking for moved out months before and an innocent couple and their kids had moved in. Quite a bungle, to be sure, just like cops from around here are famous for. But was the British followup just like cops from around here? No way! These guys stepped up and made amends.

First, they arranged to have the door they obliterated replaced at the police department’s expense. Good start. Then, they went back to the couple’s home and personally apologized to them both, explaining the situation about the drug dealer that had lived there previously. And then they gave the lady a bouquet of flowers and the man a bottle of beer, all on the local PD’s tab.

Expensive gifts? No, not really. But as we all know, it’s the thought that counts. And for a change, a cop actually had a kind and remorseful thought! I’m lovin’ it! Hey Britain….could you export a load of that over here??

In America---


New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly had the embarrassment of the 50th raid on the wrong house, make that the SAME wrong house, a few days back. It seems when NYC cops need a house to raid, for anything or anybody, they go to Walter Martin’s residence, and have been doing so for 8 years. Some kind of Mapquest screwup seems to be to blame. Anyway, Kelly’s cops wouldn’t apologize, so Kelly did it for the whole department. He went to the house in Brooklyn and presented the law-abiding victims there with a New York cheesecake.

So, let’s get this straight---in the USA, it takes 50 botched raids to qualify for a cheesecake. What you get on the 75th? 100th? Hopefully the prizes get better as you go like an exciting round of The Price Is Right. Kelly promised that the mistake has been fixed, once and for all, which is good, but I think a bit more than a cheesecake should be awarded for being terrorized by the NYC cops 50 times. Hey, in England, your first time gets you a new front door, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of beer. I’d say Anthony and Kayleigh are in for some major league prizes by the time they hit number 50!

"What do we have for them, Johnny? "

"Well, how about free college tuition for the two kids, and a brand new Toyota, Bob!"

No, wait, better make that a Ford.

Once again, the British cops show the American cops just how it’s done.

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