Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cop-Proof Citizen Review Board Part 7

How They Hire and Fire

Evidently, this needs to be spelled out.

They hire. They fire. What part of that does a cop not understand? It is like what police departments have always done, but with a couple changes to benefit the citizen. Covering up what cops do wrong is gone, and the expectation of doing the job the citizen’s way is inserted. It is in line with the purpose of the police department, as created by the people of the city, to protect and serve the public. Nothing to panic about.

Why is the hiring (forget firing for a moment) done only by non-citizens? Is there a rule saying “only that who hires it, fires it”? I can hear police explanations pouring in already, with the #1 answer being “Only police know a good cop when they see one”, or “the Academy certifies only the best, so it doesn’t require a screening process. If there is an opening, we can fill it.” This is a production line mentality that works for cops even less than it worked for Toyota. Every citizen has the right to limit their employees to whom they prefer, especially when it comes to a department entrusted with the ability to destroy a person’s life.

Every cop has his own reasons for joining the force. Some of them are spoken by the cop himself, (“My daddy was a cop and his daddy before him, so I’m gonna be a cop”, or “I want to be a hero”), but most are never spoken, because they are NEVER known to him. They are too deeply emotional.

After being drawn in by an inability to make the grade on his own in this world, coupled with promises from the Academy, his unspoken reasons for becoming a cop speak loudly while on duty, but he doesn’t notice it due to the insulation a gun and badge and his fellow cops give him. A cop wears his inner mind on the outside, especially in the eyes, clear to all but himself. The psychological reasoning used by a cop is sad at least, and criminal at most, but currently, we pay them every day to stay that way. Maybe a CRB can set this straight.  

How To Do It
How it is done is simplicity and common sense combined, and free of cost. When a CRB finds a cop not cooperative with the wants and needs of the very people he gets paid from, or not having ideas and work ethic that conform to the preferences of the people, he will be shown the door by the review board, BUT, on his way out that door, he will be given something few other jobs would provide: an envelope of information and applications to become a cop.

The offer is good forever, whenever he wants to use it. Granted, he would have to update his resumé to say he was fired from his last job, but on the good side, he has plenty of first hand experience to bring to any position he applies for. This is a Reaganesque Trickle-Down theory that actually works. Through firings and re-hirings, every cop will trickle his way down into the position that he is best suited for, along with his workload, his tolerance for the nature of the work, his payrate, everything he deserves in a public service job, but without abusing the public’s rights. Most important to the citizen however, will be not having to pay the guy while he finds himself. This is how a Citizen Review Board hires and fires.

The Advantages To The Citizen Taxpayers
None of the Internal Affairs (a taxpaid department), lying or covering up mistakes, none of the Chief (who is paid by the taxpayers), hiring defectives or looking the other way when those defectives screw up, (another burden to the taxpayer when lawsuit settlements come) will occur when the CRB hires and fires. Eventually, Trickle Down will have another positive effect: no more Academy misfits making their way into the PDs of America. Remember, the police academy is a business for profit. They are at the mercy of supply and demand, and if we the people stop demanding what they are currently supplying, things will change.

When every cop knows he will be held immediately accountable for his mistakes by the people, he will suddenly become much more dedicated to the job of doing the people’s business. Eventually, the Academy will become more dedicated to cranking out trained cops that actually do what we the people want them to do. The two will have no choice but to work hand-in-hand.

This approach is not a deterrent to becoming a cop, it is an invitation to becoming the cop who earns his pay, which is a nuance cops don’t seem to get these days. When any town in this country builds a legion of police that truly serves them as described here, we will have a town that stands out and glows on the pages of Rand McNally, and all other cities in the USA will know its success.

Let’s Face the Known Facts
You gotta catch the dog in the act of leaking on the rug to train him out of it. It is the immediacy of the catch that makes it work, right? Well, there is no better time to fire somebody than right after he acts in a way that is not in keeping with the employer’s desires. Bad analogy? Well….

The owner is responsible for the behavior of his dog. The employer is responsible for the behavior of his employees, right? Citizens, we must own up to a few facts---

·         we created (adopted) police and police departments
·         We pay (feed) them to do what they do, good or bad
·         If we don’t like cop behavior, it is our fault for not training them properly
·         Nobody can fix our mistakes but us; cops will never re-train themselves
·         We must catch them in the act of doing it wrong and correct it immediately

If you see similarities between the above list and having problems with your new puppy, you are getting the idea. If you don’t see any similarities, sit back and be ready for the police department in your city or town to own, use and abuse you, (leak on the rug). That’s not good. You need, for your own protection, as well as your flooring, the ability to say “enough is enough” and fire the errant cop on the spot when needed. Only then will he be re-trained.

Who can you count on for this service? Police Chief Friendly? Internal Affairs Assigned To Assuage Citizen Unrest? Call the Mayor? Face it, you’ve got nobody but your fellow townies at the CRB. This is a job ONLY for the Citizen Review Boards of America, and never for the police departments themselves. It will insure the sculpting process the CRB is meant to do.

And let’s not forget the motto of the Cop-Proof CRB--“Do It For Free”. Just think of all the millions in settlement money, straight out of the taxpayer’s pockets, that will not be needed in lawsuits against police crimes. Believe it, much more money is awarded in settlements than it would ever cost to run a city-funded CRB, and the Cop-Proof CRB as described on this blog would cost the city absolutely nothing. No calculator necessary. Shall we get started?

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