Monday, April 5, 2010

New Cop Motto: "We're Not Happy Till You're Not Happy"

Forget “Protect and Serve”, meaning the citizen. Forget “Protect and Serve” meaning the police department itself. Cops have entered into a third realm of thinking about how to carry out the job of law enforcement.

Sample Schedule of a Sample Cop in a Sample City

6:00AM-Wake up, and SSS

7:00AM-Drive to precinct in PD vehicle

7:30AM-Don & Doff (a paid procedure, BTW)

8:00AM-Begin shift looking for citizens to disagree with and arrest those found

12:00PM-Have lunch someplace where it will be comped

1:00PM-Continue looking for citizens to disagree with and arrest those found

5:00PM-Feel satisfied at the number of citizens with whom disagreement was established.

5:30PM-De-uniform and drive home in PD vehicle

6:00PM-Go to a bar and drink, hoping to find more citizens with whom to disagree

(Screaming “freeze”, calling for backup, pulling and aiming weapons, and intermittent smart-mouthing are all omitted from the above list, and assumed to take place constantly.)

Consider This Example

A few months back, man was chased by police and caught up with in the street. He knew the chase was over, and gave up. He also knew the drill. Down on the ground, hands out where I can see them. Then comes the cuff and stuff. The perp had no problem with any of that, and in a spirit of cooperation, he went face down and extended his arms. Cops approached with guns drawn, but instead of proceeding with the cuffs, they “ordered” the man to his feet. When he remained on his stomach on the ground with arms extended, shouting “I give up”, the cop tasered him. Even more unable to comply with the “order”, the man twitched and burned until the taser was shut off, at which time the cops raised him to his feet, patted him down, and cuffed him. What is the problem with this story?

That it is untrue? No way. Improper use of a TASER? Nope. That it makes the cops look like the boneheads they are? Well, that is just an unfortunate truth. This story points out that cops don’t know compliance when they see it, that CO-operation doesn’t exist for them, and they resent anybody who understands them better than they understand themselves.

Different Words, Same Meaning

Exceeding a cop in thinking speed is perceived as non-compliance, justifying cop-determined punishment, even when the compliance given is EXACTLY what the cop would have “ordered” anyway. Why does this upset a cop? It robs them. Living in the World of The Narrow Mind, cops injure if they can, kill if they feel like it, but without a doubt, find what a person doesn’t want to do, and then FORCE them to do it, no matter how irrational or contradictory. The man in the above story didn’t let the cop “order” him down to the ground, so the cop “ordered” him to stand up, something cops never want an arrestee to do anyway until he is cuffed. The man’s ability to know the procedure in advance, and then beat them to it, rendering a cop’s “orders” needless, is an act of aggression in the World of the Narrow Mind. So out came the punishment. Tasing.

These cops were faced with the fact they didn’t force the man to act against his will, which according to Academy training, must happen to qualify as compliance. Their need to feel powerful was robbed, so they were not happy. It destroyed the reason for being there. THE COP DIDN’T “WIN”.

What Comes Next

So now what? When a cop isn’t happy, they have no choice but to make a citizen unhappy. They tased him. It’s doubtful a cop can go home at the end of his shift unhappy without violating a domestic law when he gets there. Take it out on the wife, kid, dog, anything. That may calm him down. As Tom Schaffling of the Philadelphia department proved, cops will beat anything including mothers and children at a baby shower when they are unhappy, so when Mr. Toughguy cop comes home from a bad day at work, everybody would do well to hide until he can make an unrelated citizen unhappy. Somebody has to suffer or the job isn’t complete. That is the attitude living in the World of the Narrow Mind, and the only one that gets a cop job.

And cops can’t figure out why citizens want oversight to control their police department. They are bears of very little brain, it seems.

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