Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bulletin: Police Are Also Lawmakers

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OK, some cops have bigger and more metallic ones than others. But this is insane. The Bloomington IL police department has notified citizens that there will be another “no refusal weekend” somewhere between now and New Year’s weekend, but they coyly refuse to say exactly when.

“No Refusal” means that if you refuse a breathalyzer test at a sobriety checkpoint or anywhere else, you will be subjected to a roadside blood withdrawal for lab analysis to determine contents. These blood tests can reveal all kinds of things that have nothing to do with DUI, and would both enrage and encourage defense lawyers. Oddly, there is a judge involved here who is willing to crank out search warrants as fast as he can sign them to expedite this destruction of the 4th Amendment. How many “rights”, are we willing to allow cops to invent before we put the brakes on?

Yes, the Bloomington PD squawks over and over that they just want to get people to their destinations safely, implying they mean no harm, but anybody with an ounce of intelligence can figure this out. Bloomington police believe, they really do believe, they can say and do anything they want. There is virtually no law to back up their belief, and nothing in state law to let them “no-refuse” citizens. Sure, Bloomington had great success with it back on July 4th weekend, but it was just as wrong then as it is now, successful or not.

How loudly and from what distance from the ear does the title “Citizen Review Board” have to be shouted? This is a great lesson for citizens to learn from: Cops tried it once on July 4th and nobody slapped them down for it, so now, here it comes again, but ratcheted up a bit. It will come back again, and again, you can be sure. Each time it does, it will be more insidious, stronger, and virulent.

Folks, this systematic creeping-in of assumed authority and righteousness is a method also used by termites, roaches and crabgrass. See it for what it is! Stand up to the Cop Culture thinking and Academy teaching, and start demanding a police department in Bloomington that represents the citizen.

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