Thursday, December 3, 2009

Portland, Oregon Has It Right

Good News for Portland!
Jason Renaud is running for office on a platform of Police Department Accountability. This is a good start toward spreading the idea of a citizen-based control team. A true police department does what the citizens of that town, city or state want them to do, and it takes a police leader who works for the people to make that happen.

Jason Renaud’s candidacy for Police commissioner is a reminder that the people of Portland have not been satisfied with their police department for a very long time. This message has to be backed up with direct and vocal citizen contact to the current legislature as well as Police Commissioner Saltzman, to express the failure citizens’ tax money has funded so far. And speaking of the Commissioner, there is more to him than just a bad performance review. Read the whole thing here.

Best of luck to Jason Renaud and his effort to become the new Commissioner for the citizens of Portland. It is the direction we need to head to establish a true equality for all citizens. Vote for him and spread the word through methods I have described in previous posts.

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