Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mayor Sarno Steps Toward Meaningful Citizen Control Of Springfield Police

Springfield Massachusetts CRB Update

Mayor Domenic Sarno, pictured at left, (no, not the blurry guy with the hat), may just be making progress here. So far, he is following up on his promise to get a new police oversight board up and running in the coming weeks.

His response is due to an outcry of citizen frustration. A Springfield, Massachusetts cop, known to Melvin Jones III and many other victims as Jeffrey Asher, is still on the payroll, and still thinks he is not guilty of anything, like bashing in Mr Jones' skull, partially disabling one eye and providing a long-lasting headache due to the broken bones in adjacent areas to said eye.

Keep it up Mayor Sarno, and make it permanent! The citizens and all future Melvin Jones's will thank you. Better yet Mayor, make a national statement by showing other cities and towns exactly how it is done. Make your plan a role model for others to follow. While cities and towns are all different in their needs, all cops are alike in their problems. Your work could become textbook information in police academies from coast to coast. Let's get that ball rolling.

Folks, call the Mayor, email the Mayor, fax the Mayor, 413-787-6000, (City Hall), as well as the Springfield Massachusetts Police Department 413-787-6322, and encourage the efforts of Mayor Sarno. This issue is the People's Business, if there ever was such a thing. It is what will happen next, to you or a family member, and what you need to be a part of to control. Make the contact with Mayor Sarno as well as the Springfield police union, and put on the pressure. Melvin Jones felt the pressure on his skull. Let's exert some of our own with our voices.

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  1. what is the mayors email address?