Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NYPD Anal Assault Trial Underway

The Story

That’s right, Michael Mineo was anally raped in a subway station by a cop, specifically Richard Kern, seen here with his lawyer. Mineo’s boxer shorts had a hole ripped in the back, the nightstick has his anal DNA on it, and he was admitted to the hospital with anal injuries, but cop Kern has pleaded not guilty. OK, let’s just sit back and watch this load from lawyer and cop alike spill into the record books. I can’t wait.

Maybe probing Mineo with a nightstick was within police policy. Maybe Mineo requested it. Maybe he is just trying to shake down the citizens of NY for multiple millions of dollars. Or, there might be truth to Kern’s statement that he was checking for drugs. In any case, it will be another exercise in absurdity from the police department and their lawyers, I am sure.

This kind of event happens for one reason only: No oversight. How could the friendly beatcop in our little villages whom everybody knew and trusted in and around their homes be transformed into a thoughtless, ego-filled sex criminal? No oversight.

Get the CRB, one that will save the citizenry millions of dollars in court costs like this one. We must revamp the Academy, to catch defectives before they even get into a PD. And let’s remember that cops work for us, for our satisfaction and our approval. We are not getting our money’s worth now. Ask Michael Mineo, at left.

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