Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cops Say Citizen Oversight Won't Work Part 1

Police departments are taught and encouraged to lie about anything to make their lives more pro-cop. After the Academy training is over, one of the first things a green cop learns at his first precinct is that gray cops will teach him all he “really” needs to know. There is absolutely no attempt at honesty in that tradition. When a cop speaks a true fact, it is just a coincidence.

With that said, the following will point out some of the reasons why cops think a Civilian Review Board will never work. Remember, a cop will lie about anything he can get his thoughts around. Lying is a tool of his trade, and here is the first on the list---

#1-A CRB Isn’t Needed Because Oversight Already Exists In The PD

Oh, Brother. This excuse is Sarah Palin stupid. What oversight entity is being sited? Internal Affairs? A panel of stooges hand-picked by the department who don’t want the job and rarely show up to do it? The police Chief himself, because he is all the deciding power any city needs? Maybe a group of peers, other cops, who will objectively decide the guilt of one of their own.

Interestingly, entities like this don’t find a cop guilty of much of anything, or if guilty, there is no actual discipline. A cop is put on desk duty with pay, is asked to stay home with pay, or better yet, is given a 10 day suspension that is carried out at the rate of one day per month for 10 months. Cops are also big fans of a finding of “no wrongdoing”. That’s the one pulled out in just about every cop misconduct case that goes to court.

Such cases take years of time and tons of money on the part of the victim, (citizen), while the cop involved spends the time doing the same job he did before, the one that got him into trouble in the first place, and continues to collect the paycheck the citizen signs. What a racket. But the PD’s oversight is sufficient, right?

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Cops say it is much more than sufficient. They say cops watch each other constantly, and desire oversight more than citizens do to protect their reputation and that of their department. So, citizens can just trundle off to the kiddie table at Thanksgiving and try not to embarrass the adults. Yeah sure, and Jack Bauer really does save the world in 24 hours.

Reality Strikes

When a citizen is accused of drunk driving, immediate steps are taken to accuse, arrest, breathalyze, and collect evidence on that citizen, (a blood draw, a roadside body search, an impound and search of the car), all of which is “used against you in a court of law”, as Miranda says. Months of financial burden and time-consuming litigation follow, often resulting in the loss of employment.

When a cop is found drunk while driving, the cop is given a ride home with a fellow cop and a “friendly” tow truck company is called to take his car home, safely depositing it in the driveway. Weeks or months later, a quick review of the facts by IA or the Chief do not reveal any need for further investigation. No expense or court time follows, and the paycheck continues uninterrupted.

Citizen: arrest, impound, breathalyzer, license suspension, lawyers, court dates, employment loss, one disruptive and costly punishment after another.

Cop: free ride home.

Internal Affairs calls this sufficient oversight. If the decision-making is left to the Chief, he may water down the offense until he can hand out a punishment that has no real meaning. Either way, nothing happens.

Some PD Chiefs claim they can’t fire or even suspend a cop because the department is short-handed. Better criminals working for the citizen than nobody at all, right?

Cops who are cut breaks after a DUI----(links taken from the BaldArchives)

Joe Zepeda, Westchester NY

Christine Phinney, Charleston SC

Jeffrey Peirce, Dennis MA

Meanwhile the jail nearby contains citizens who were over-charged and lied about by the same cops who’s crimes are overlooked and kept out of court. On occasion, a cop will be charged with a crime that has already been decided in favor of the cop, to make it look like the PD oversight is doing the job citizens want to see. They go through all the motions, and collect all their paychecks, and it is all a sham.

Want another one? OK. It’s about advocating harm to someone, but not actually doing anything…..

Citizen does it, instant and deep doo-doo.....

Cop does same thing, and well, it was just a joke, so chill out.....


Thanks for the above two links, Packratt.

A Citizen Oversight Panel will do something that cops cannot bring themselves to do. The panel with power to hire and fire will find cops responsible and accountable for their actions, and the constant lie factor cops use will cease its effectiveness. We will sculpt our departments, morally, physically, educationally, offensively, defensively, and with the character we want to see cops exhibit daily. We’ll get our money’s worth.

But a side-effect comes along with this in a “trickle up” effect, again good news for the citizen. Cops rely heavily on a security blanket they call their “policy”. What the hell is that, and how will a Citizen Review Board effect it? Part 2 coming.

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