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Cops Say Citizen Oversight Won't Work Part 3

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#3-Police Say Citizens Don’t Understand The Intricacies Of Police Work

Some pro-cop thinkers believe that cops are “scientists” and such scientific work should be left to the experts, like brain surgeons and NASA guys. Let’s get it straight. Forensics, and specialties like blood spatter and fingerprinting, require a bachelor of science degree, and those people are called as experts in murder cases, but they are not cops. In fact, the degree doesn’t guarantee them to be scientists any more than they are guaranteed to be bachelors. It is just a formal name differentiating them from those who hold a bachelor of arts degree. The cop uniform, badge, gun, and all accouterments does not a scientist make. Let’s forgo the moniker “scientist”, and get over it.

So, with that said---- what are they, actually? Entry requirements for the Academy include being a legal citizen with a high school diploma or equivalent, standard physical capabilities, no criminal record and an IQ of 104 or less. (That’s right, it is less.)

Lately, the criminal record requirements have been watered down from demanding no record at all to allowing a few minor indiscretions. A little drug use, maybe a stolen car, (just for a joy ride), even a domestic beating or two can be overlooked. Not exactly fertile ground in which to grow intricate thinkers.

Cops are under the constant influence of the idiotic police policy manual as well as the hangover from the police academy training. This toxic mix of delusion will never produce intricacy in any form. Look at what active cops are famous for doing--

· Screaming “freeze”

· Pointing a gun

· Screaming “freeze” WHILE pointing a gun, (multitasking)

· Lying both in and out of court

· Beating people while delivering a fusillade of verbal insults

· Lecturing an arrestee after he is cuffed

· Holding grudges and carrying out retribution, even against fellow cops

· Intimidating people with unconstitutional threats and actions like, but not restricted to, beating a head in with a flashlight, applying a taser specifically to the rectum and genitals

It is not exactly brimming with finesse, to be sure. But let’s assume this is all intricate police work. What part of it do we “non 104s” not understand? The screaming? The beating? The tasing? Oh, wait….maybe it’s the lying. Whatever it is, we non-104s can’t seem to get the intricacy, but police can.

Citizen: “But…but…but …Ossifer, whah am Ih bein’ ‘rested? Ih didn’t doo nuttin’.”

Cop: “Shut up and obey me. I am cruel, but fair. I am always right. You deserve what I give you. You will learn that someday, and you will thank me. You have the right to respect my every word and move, and thank me summore.”

While the standard issue cop would see nothing wrong with the above,

it is a scenario the Citizen Review Board will bring to a halt and fast. That attitude can and will be eliminated because cops can be replaced, and with each replacement, the PD gets one step closer to being what the taxpayer pays for and expects. Hiring and firing is all it takes. Call it “sculpting”.

That phony superhero garbage from the academy that says “always win” has got to go. With it, the citizen will always come last, but with a CRB, the rule for the job of police employee would be: “Nobody is always right, but when you are, it’s because you did what the citizen expects of you.” Cop behavior, in the reality of the citizen, has nothing to do with arbitrary policy manuals we the people had no hand in writing. With citizen oversight, it is only about what the citizens want to see play out on their streets and within their PD, and that’s all that matters if the citizens are paying the cops to work for them.

A CRB Will Make It As Intricate As The Citizen Needs

When cops say citizens don’t understand the intricacies of police work, it is clear those intricacies were created by police departments only to elevate and protect them from citizens. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies stupid” is the current cop philosophy, with all cops being the friends, and all else the enemies. When the citizen creates the intricacies of police work, police work won’t be all that intricate anymore, and will fulfill the citizen’s wishes for what their PD should be through principles and rules of transparency and accountability. Simple can replace intricate if the CRB demands it, but we cannot make demands if we don’t have a CRB. When it is simple, it is understood, and understanding simplifies honesty, and honesty is what the citizens want in their cops. Candidates who disagree need not apply.

Urgent Request

I ask any and all cops in the USA---what are the intricacies? Post them! Anybody in law enforcement out there, email an intricacy that you have to deal with everyday that the average citizen cannot understand. All of us 104’s and up would like to know what you have going for you that we cannot grasp. Send an intricacy, any intricacy. Don’t overestimate the citizen’s ability to not understand.

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