Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Springfield Mayor Sarno Wimps Out On Review Board Promise

Springfield Massachusetts must be breathing a sigh of disgust with today's anti-climactic announcement from the Mayor’s office that there is now a new civilian review board to oversee police antics against the citizenry. This board can only recommend discipline to Police Commissioner William Fitchit, but take no action on their own.

Yes, they can subpoena people and evidence to assist in their recommendations, but what good is it if Commissioner Fitchet can ignore what the board concludes? We have all been here before and for far too long. As it has played out across the nation for years, the board makes a recommendation on behalf of the citizens to stop an errant cop from repeatedly biting the hand that feeds him, the Commissioner pats them on the head and thanks them dismissively, and everything stays the same. All the Jeffrey Ashers in Cop-land go out tomorrow to beat more Melvin Jones’s with the very flashlights We The People bought them. Mayor Sarno, unless you have a Chapter Two on this subject to reveal quickly, shame on you for letting us all down.

It is called TEETH, Mayor. The citizen will hire and fire the police. How much clearer do you need it? Jeffrey Asher has been on the force for years through many occasions of misconduct and he is still there. That means the “hire and fire” guy in the PD was asleep at the switch. Get rid of Jeffrey Asher yourself if you can’t bring a citizen review board into the department to do it. Call Donald Trump to teach you the words, “You’re Fired”. Do something definitive. But please, stop stringing along the citizens of Springfield.

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