Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Law Enforcement: When Police Departments Revolt

Law Enforcement: When Police Departments Revolt

How safe are you around employees paid to do the job you gave them? Will they physically assault you, destroy your freedoms or financially ruin you? Are your servants becoming your master? Our employees are in revolt against us.

Let me be a bit more specific.

·         Have you ever worked for a company that operated thousands of branches across America employing hundreds of thousands of people of varying ethnic and educational backgrounds and attitudes? Maybe Wal-Mart or McDonalds. There may be others.
·         How many of those employees can regularly ignore traffic and civil law and proceed with absolutely no legal results?
·         How many of the fellow employees in this company carry guns with legal permission to murder those who disobey them, or even if they merely suspect something was happening they didn’t like? And,
·         What if those employees are guaranteed to be believed, no matter how much they lie, by any judge in any courtroom in the country simply because they had the job?

Such people walk among us every day. Welcome to the PD’s of the USA.

An Attractive Opportunity
Not a bad sounding job for the irresponsible, immoral, and the self-righteous, especially at a starting salary of $30K. We have all met them, those people who just can’t cope with a level playing field. In fact, they are the ones who, if they can’t cheat, won’t play. There are those who build lives around this perversity, and we have come to know them as mobsters, street gangs, and school-yard bullies to name a few. If these personality types satisfy you and your vision for our society and culture, this blog is not for you. If you believe American citizens and government owe it to each other to do better, visit here often.

We’re Talkin’ Cops
We can add another demographic to that list. The public employees we call Police fit the description with unfortunate accuracy. While we do not fund mobs, gangs and bullies, we pay and sometimes praise cops. We are enablers.

There is only one long-lasting solution to such a problem, but the first step is the hardest. We must blame ourselves. We invented cops. We created them and invited them into our communities. They agreed to carry out the jobs we didn’t want to do or didn’t know how to do. We trusted them.

But somewhere along the line, a cop became the carrier of a virus, and the rest of us didn’t get the flu shot. Now we must quarantine or go down the drain. Enter the Citizen Review Board.

The Citizen Review Board

The need for a Citizen Review Board in every city and town is obvious if you watch and read the news. Only the most outrageous police crime stories make it to the national news, but local news is full of police crime, and it goes mostly unnoticed outside the local city limits. Public apathy feeds corruption. On the other hand---

·         The CRB protects the citizens of the town it serves.
·         The CRB protects the integrity and intentions of the law of that town.
·         The CRB protects the police from inaccurate or malicious misconceptions from citizens.

----so it works both ways.

Let’s expand on this.

Protect the Citizen
While a CRB protects the citizens of a town, it also protects the integrity of the law. We all should hold those two facts very closely. Citizens must recognize that crime comes from all humans, regardless of their background or profession, no matter how trusted they may have been. No one, I repeat…no one… is above the law. We need to be protected from the criminals, and when cops become the criminals, we employ the CRB to protect us.

Protect the Integrity of the Law
What good is a law if it is ignored? Worse, what good is a law that only applies to some of us? When a law enforcement employee violates the very law they swore to uphold,  the CRB will apply the justice required. Justice was desired before the first cop was ever hired, hence laws, and then enforcement of those laws, but over the years, cops have been insulated against law by policies of their own making, a self-serving method to say the least. Police crime corrodes the value of the law in the minds of the citizens of the town, then of the citizens in nearby towns, and so on. It truly is a virus. By making it clear that the citizen is behind the law that they approve, the CRB protects the integrity of the law.

Protect the Police
Reality says that citizens commit crimes, and sometimes those crimes are against police. A citizen accuses a cop of some malfeasance, civil rights violation, Constitutional infraction, or just being rude. Such complaints must be adjudicated swiftly and finally, but also believably. When an untrustable body like the PD’s Internal Affairs department is given this job, the outcome is impossible to believe, especially when the methodology of the decision making is kept secret, but when it come from a body of fellow citizens, trust is born. That way, if the CRB says the cop acted appropriately, the decision carries weight. The CRB protects the police.

Police, when faced with the possibility of a CRB, go out of their way to destroy the formation of the board. In the business world, laws send people to prison for undermining the progress of a competitor. If the CRB is formed, they try to ignore it or overrule it, claiming the average citizen doesn’t understand what they are faced with. These attitudes are both arrogant and destructive, and do not accomplish the job the citizen needs done. How can a cop uphold the law when he is in the business of breaking it? Police against a CRB know they are guilty of daily wrongdoing, or are na├»ve to the fact that We The People employ them and they are answerable to us. There is much more. Stay tuned.


  1. Hello, Bigbaldwin,

    This is great! You address the major issue in a way that makes the reader want to know who you're talking about. There's plenty of news almost daily to fill in a blog and to put into groups, and I think it is very impotant to get the word out through this most wonderful of venues which is (relatively) free!

    I like your approach to the issue, too. It shows a strong commitment to the truth and to the need for action now.

    Mebbe you can help me with something. I have an article from the Houston Chronicle by Roma Khanna and Allan Turner dated April 12th this year entitled "Charges a rarity when police use deadly force", which I want to post on my groupsite.

    It is long for a newspaper article and I tried to pull it up on the 'net but that particular article is not listed for that day. Or at least, I could not find it. In short, do you know how I can better look for ihe article, to save me all that typing?

    I received an email from a NACOLE member with an article in it that implies a polic auditor program is working well. My response to that was that "time will tell".

    The article I have is a chronology of killings by HPD since the late '70s in Houston.

    Tom Garcia

  2. Thanks, Bigbaldwin, for your help in getting the article into my group.
    Tom Garcia