Friday, November 27, 2009

What Real Cops Have To Say

Folks, I received some hits on this blog from members of a site in California, and I went to check it out. I left a message to the poster who addressed me there.

Here is his post:

Don’t you love people who:

1) Paint with broad brush strokes

2) Close their minds off to an opinion differing from their own

3) Enjoy railing about those who make a sacrifice for the better good of society


Then read this blog:

Caution: NOT for:
A) Those with high blood pressure
B) Those who dislike people who hate the police or
C) Those easily given to rapid reply

I have no idea who the guy that runs this board is, but he obviously hates US....

My return post:

Hello (name withheld), and thank you for your skewed analysis. May I suggest you have another helping of turkey and just let the tryptophan do its job. You really do need to chill.
But to address your negative assumptions:

1) What you read is simply a result of watching and reading what police do, both in your part of the country and every other. The brush strokes are not so broad when all information is put into the mix.
2) At no time is my mind closed off to anything anybody says, which is why I open my blog to anyone willing to comment on it, so you must not be referring to me.
3) Once again you must have me mixed up with someone else, because my blog does not rail about those who make a sacrifice for the better good, it simply rails against those who have strayed from understanding that they are not better than society, they are equal to it.

I heartily invite any and all who wish to participate, mostly because sunshine is the best antiseptic, and creates the two things America needs in their PD's, responsibility and accountability. But my blog does not need a warning label, because

A) Although it may give rise to some blood pressure levels, it is a call to action that will increase adrenaline. If police experience an adrenaline rush when chasing a perp, and is good for them, it is good for everybody else, right?
B) No police hatred from me. citizens created you. I just want us all on the same page.
C) Rapid reply.....You mean like when six cops shoot a man armed with a candy bar in a shiny silver wrapper and you are convinced it is a gun? That kind of rapid reply? Ohhh....

No hatred for the "US" you speak of, just seeking the PD of the citizen's choice.

Ain't equality grand?

My post was later greeted with hate-speech and desperate anger from the police there. It is sometimes amazing that police can be that predictable. Anyway, here are some excerpts from their response posts:

Cop #1 said----So I just read the ramblings of bigbaldwin and his blog…and all I can say is you are an idiot.

Cop #2 said---OK, I looked at this guy's blog. It is the same run of the mill, anti-police crap that is posted by Van Jones types from here to Red Square.

Cop #3 said----Ballbag- Don't forget to write back here from time to time. Keep us posted on how you're doing in your quest for genuine personal growth, a better and more clear understanding of the adult world around you, and how you are actually making a difference at street level.

Yes, there is more, and it gets better, but here are some excerpts from the rules of the site:

“Degrading posts and name-calling are not permitted.”

“… do not post comments that attack other members, moderators or administrative personnel.”


“This message board is intended for a free exchange of information and ideas. Keep this in mind if someone disagrees with your point of view and be sure to extend courtesy to others if you disagree with them. Disagreement often leads to informative, lively, and meaningful discussion of the issues. Try not to take it personally.”

Seems the police don’t know their own rules, even on a message board. How can we trust a cop with a Taser and a gun, or even the keys to his car for that matter, when he can’t even read and comprehend the rules to a simple message board? There is flatly ZERO control in the Cop Culture, and these posters just proved it.

As you can assess for yourself, my post was both informative and sought lively, meaningful discussion, and never implied that personal offense was taken, all modeled after the rules of the message board. The post was immediately met with angry vitriol, specifically name-calling, and degrading comments, totally against the rules of the message board. What does that tell us all about the mind-set of the police force in your city? We have a lot of remodeling to do.


  1. pull your head out of your ass

  2. I take your comment to mean I have something wrong in my post "What Real Cops Have To Say". If so, to what do you refer specifically? I think the information is correctly posted, and my conclusion that posters on that message board cannot follow their own rules is obvious. Their responses WERE vitriolic, they DID call names, (idiot), and they DID take what I said personally without extending courtesy. Please tell me, Anonymous, what my post is getting wrong.