Friday, November 13, 2009

Protesters Don’t Think Outside The Box

We have seen them on TV. Whether it is People Against Sunshine For Ladybugs or the healthcare bill, or a candidate running for office, the activists always look alike. They have the signs, the marching, the chanting, the vigils, etc. The record of accomplishment in such exercises in Constitutional freedom has been very poor since the civil rights movement, and only leads to more violence by the police force involved, as the inevitable and numerous charges and civil lawsuits that follow attest.

The G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, is a great and recent example. We know there are more.

We need a strong, but laid-back method. I think it is called voting.

Folks, we all like a David and Goliath style story, but we have to be realistic. The “Citizens versus Cops” model does not work. When protesters march around in a circle and chant, who is expected to benefit from it? Other protesters? That’s preaching to the choir. The police? That would be a sight, wouldn’t it? The cop lays down his riot gear and shakes hands with the protester. The Lion and the Lamb, right? Cumbaya. Well, reality says “No way”. It is not in keeping with the cop culture. Protesters awake! Stop fighting a battle designed to be unwinnable! You are playing the police’s game by protesting.

Cops dominate people for a living. During training they are told to never leave a scene that includes the citizenry without “winning”, (whatever that means). They do it with lies, intimidation, and the very firepower they are given by us to shoot back at us. At the same time, they lobby for reducing or eliminating the same forms of firepower for the citizen. They don’t just want to prevent you from bringing a gun to a gunfight, they want to require you to come empty-handed to their gunfight. They’ll consider your voice to be a weapon they must counter with their force of choice, as in the video from Ohio of the Wendy’s employee getting pepper sprayed:

Thanks to for the above link. What exactly did that cop think the Wendy’s employee was going to use to get the drop on him, necessitating his pepper-spray defense? A burger? Simply not agreeing with a cop, especially when they are clearly wrong, is perceived as a physical assault in the world of cop culture, and out comes the force.  Remember Professor Gates in Cambridge MA? He didn’t bow down, and look what happened to him.

Let me get this straight: when I am wrong, the cop is right. When the cop is wrong, the cop is right. When the cop does nothing, the cop is right, and I am still wrong. That is cop culture for you. Please name any other group of American people having that kind of framework for their lives. If we all join, nobody will ever do anything wrong ever again!  :-)

What To Do?
Let’s quietly and forcefully push the cop culture away from America and replace it with a PD the originators of police had in mind for each of our cities and towns. Nobody wants the aberrations we have today. Pressure all candidates for all public offices in your city and state to FIRST support a CRB, and second whatever their personal platform calls for.

No Votes—No Office
Sounds like simple common sense to me, but sometimes the simplest ones are the hardest to think of. Candidates send messages to the people to convince them to vote. Why can’t the reverse work? Citizens telling the office holders and future candidates what we want them to do? Why don’t we think outside the box for a change? We need to admit that the brick wall police departments and City Hall have constructed around the CRB only dispenses aches in the head when we encounter them, so let’s step outside it and get something done. Contact all candidates and get specific!

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