Thursday, November 5, 2009

Law Enforcement:When Police Departments Revolt Pt 2

Let’s face it--we don’t really know anything about the very police we pay with our tax money. Cop salary, the building that houses them, the equipment they use, and yes, the settlement money they have to pay to the victims of the crimes cops perpetrate all come out of the taxes we pay. We don’t know their age, experience, barely even their names. There could be any number of agendas, hidden or otherwise, cooking inside the minds of those to whom we give guns, badges and trust. And they have the nerve to act like they own us.

Has a cop ever stopped you on the road on a pretext? (Meaning a minor, possibly fictitious infraction of a law where no damage of any kind was done to person or property. A fishing expedition, basically.) If the license and registration are in order, the cop calls in your ID looking for priors. Nothing there? He asks if he can search you and your car. If that reveals nothing he can hold against you, he lets you go and follows you. No cause for this at all, except his pretext. Driving erratically, or the broken tail light that never was broken. Or my favorite, “You drive exactly 5 MPH under the limit in every speed zone. Maybe your speedometer is defective.” However you describe it, the pretext stop is an example of a lie.

Get It Straight---Cops Lie For A Living
Why? Because we let them. The best way to teach a two-bit holdup man to rob the second convenience store is to let him get away with robbing the first one. When it comes to police lying, we are all guilty in the same way.

Some folks call cop lying clever police work, sort of out-smarting a bad guy at his own game. That citizen forgets that they will be the next victim of that cleverness. Remember the pretext stop? We need to bring this behavior into line, and the CRB is the only way.

I have never met a human who can utilize the authority to lie when it helps me, and tell the truth the rest of the time. The whole idea is unworkable and not human. I wouldn’t want that person near me if I met them, yet we pay cops to go to court and lie if they choose to, just to close another case.

The Oath Of Office
Cops take an oath of office, where they promise to dedicate themselves to a lifestyle described in the oath. Problem is, not only do they break every promise in the oath, they also lie about obeying every promise in the oath. What do you do with a person like that? Employ and pay them? Trust them with your values and property and your very lives? Hardly. Read some oaths---

Wikipedia (from around the world)----


Florida----(According to Commander Chris Wagoner, Police Academy Commander in North Central Florida)

The new officers line up and the Chief has them raise their right hand and repeat the Oath of office:
"I do solemnly swear; that I am a citizen of Florida and the United States of America, and I will support, protect, and defend the Constitutions of the United States and of Florida; I will faithfully perform my duties, enforcing the law fairly with all due courtesy, discretion, and compassion; I will conduct myself with integrity befitting my agency and the law enforcement profession; I will abide by all lawful orders issued by my superiors and the rules and regulations of the Department, so help me God."


There are many others, but they all are written in the same way and are totally ignored by cops who swear to them, or so news reports show. I could examine and define each word in these oaths, relating them to the performance of cops across the country, but I think any reader of this blog can do that for themselves. If you do, you’ll get the point.

Our Rights to Choose
Don’t get me wrong, I know we have the right to a PD that lies, cheats and steals if we approve of that kind of thing. My point now and forward is that each city or town has the right to sculpt the PD of our choice as long as we are paying for it, and the CRB is that sculptor.

Do you like cops that ignore the laws to catch the bad guy and then snicker, wink and high-five each other afterwards? You have a choice. Watch scripted cop shows on TV and then get back to reality, or allow the cops in your city to act that way and live that reality, knowing you are next. The only thing between you and the downside of TV cops is a CRB.

But how do we accomplish this? Stay tuned……

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