Monday, November 9, 2009

Why A CRB? Let Me Count The Ways

These stories never stop, and will never stop by themselves. When it comes to police departments, or individual law enforcement acting badly, anything can happen. Notice this story from Arkansas where law enforcement shot a Fire Chief----in court!

Now really, I’ll never say cops aren’t human. In fact, it is their humanity that makes the CRB so necessary. I just wish cops were as forthcoming on the subject as I am. While I don’t condone the following behavior, it is just not in keeping with what the citizenry would approve of-----

Let’s refresh the memories of these police with some phrases from the oaths they took: upholding the law, serving and protecting, acting in a way befitting their profession, blah, blah…

In the Jericho, Arkansas case, the police department was actually disbanded, and in the Adams, MA case, we’ll see him again in December when his case comes up in court. Call Jericho an extreme aberration if you like, but don’t think that will erase the realities of the situation. These cops did these things for only one reason---nobody stopped them.

Look up these stories and print them, collect them, and email all of them to everybody who runs for any elected office in the town or state where you live. On the other hand, if you like cops shooting the Fire Chief because he is fed up with the town speed trap, if you are OK with cops who “enjoy” confiscated materials in child porn cases located in the evidence room of the PD, then I respect your decision. If, however, you find these things a violation of the oath law enforcement takes, start taking control of what our cops do by enacting a CRB.

We have mentioned the first step in getting this much-needed job done. Collecting the email and snail mail addresses of everybody who is even thinking about running for elected office, and then making them aware of the requirement they all have to get the job: a CRB. Police without restraint is like leaving the gates to the zoo open. The animals WILL go wild if they are allowed. Remember the police department as it was first envisioned by those who created it, and demand that we have it that way today.

Any thoughts on how to do this? Combine your ideas with mine. Publish and spread, to citizen and government. As you can safely assume, the will be more to come.

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